Iriirikapua whanau hui

12/09/2019 4:00 pm - 12/09/2019 5:30 pm

Review of our Rümaki – Iriirikapua
We are undertaking a review of our Rümaki Unit, Iriirikapua. We have been
operating as a level 2 (50 – 80% Te Reo Instruction) for the past 5 years. Our
Rümaki has made some great progress over the years however, we think it’s timely
to review our status and ensure we are meeting whånau aspirations. We invite you
to attend a whånau hui on Thursday 12th September at 4pm in the school
staffroom to have your say and share your whakaaro. We want to ask questions
such as:
– What do you know already about our Rümaki Unit, Iriirikapua?
– What do you think is working well?
– What do you think we can improve on?
– When deciding or considering Iriirikapua as an option for your tamaiti, what
are your hopes and expectations?
– Do you have an expectation of 50 – 80% Te Reo Måori in your child’s learning
– Do you want to see less or more emphasis on Te Reo Måori?
– What are the MAIN things you think are important for our Rümaki to grow?
– What do you consider to be your tamaiti’s pathway after year 6? Rümaki or
Mainstream learning?