Bob Stiles




Staff changes for Term 2, 2020.

Bob Stiles will be away from the school on sabbatical for Term 2.

The following temporary changes have been made to positions for Term 2.

Callie Raureti will be Acting Principal.

Emma Coleman will be Acting Associate Principal alongside Robyn Hurliman.

Lorraine Pukepuke will be Iriirikapua Team leader.

Stevee Raureti will be Year 5/6 teacher for Iriirikapua.

Robyn Hurliman

Associate Principal.

Callie Raureti

Associate Principal.




Sue Walls


Sheryll Strickett






Senior School.

Robyn Hurliman

Team Leader.

Year 5/6

Jan Tumata

Year 5/6

Jared Grace

Year 5/6

Tricia Dender

Release Teacher

Specialist teacher: Science



Middle School.

Celia Grace-Stiles

Team Leader.

Year 4

Carole Pearce

Year 3/4

Kumiko Hammersley

Year 3




Junior School.

Emma Coleman

Team Leader.

Year 0/1

Jeremy Armstrong

Year 1

Debra Gould

Year 2






Callie Raureti

Team Leader.

Year 5/6

 Tihi Kura Pitau

Year 3/4

Lorraine Pukepuke

Year 0-2








Joanne Winiata

Release teacher – Iriirikapua/Okahukura.

Specialist teacher: Digital technology.


Ngati Whakaue Programme.

Miriama Walker




Pre-school Transition class.

Literacy programme.

Junior phonics programme.

Support Staff.

Kelly MikaerePeter Courtney
Mel MurphyJoy Mowry
Glenis JacobsSarah (Hera) Fraser
Carla MargonChris Courtney
Terere-Pa Tutua
Peter Garthwaite – Caretaker.